sprint training

Muscle Group:

full body


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barbell, dumbbell

This is a high intensity sprint workout. Designed for anyone who is training to sprint faster . Since the intensity level is quite high, it is recommended that your body is quite athletic or at least above an average. The sprint workout provides you with just enough exercises that can make you run faster in a shorter period until you make sure you are doing these exercises on your leg day. It is recommended that you follow the program twice a week on your leg day as most of the exercises include legs. Although , there are also exercises involving the core and shoulders. Keep increasing the weight while decreasing the number of reps but make sure you are performing 6-12 reps of each exercise.

Warm up:  perform each of the following exercises except reverse lunges for 30 seonds. 
1. jumping jacks
2. reverse lunges (3 sets x 10 reps)
3. push ups
4. squats( wide stance)
Lower body: go heavy on the each of the exercises, try to reduce reps but increase weight each set. do not drop the reps below 6 reps in a set.
1.High knees( 30 seconds x 2 sets)
2.Butt kicks ( 30 seconds x 2 sets)
3.Back squats
4.Romanian deadlift
5.Alternate lunges with dumbbell
6.Pistol squats
7.Leg press
8.Barbell hip thrust
9.Squat jumps

10.standing calf raise

Core: perform 3 sets of each exercise.
1. Crunches
2. Flutter kicks
3.Scissor kicks
4.Hanging leg raises
5.Russian twists
6.Oblique crunch
Upper body: perform 3 sets of each exercise increasing the load and decreasing the number of reps , the same as in lower body exercises.
1. Military press
2.Barbell snatch
4.Reverse hyperextension
5.Kettlebell swings

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